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Become Distributor, Dry Fruits, India


KTP International is looking for aspiring and ambitious distributors to expand its new products pan India. When you partner with us, it becomes a true business development relationship that can be beneficial in many ways. We are known for expertise in the food markets and the nuances that come with doing business in every state in India.  

We manufacture & source a wide array of quality products to ensure our customers have reliable and consistent access to the items they need most. We believe that we have the building blocks to create a strong and successful team, if we combine your strong local distribution and marketing knowledge and skills with our many years of experience with food production.  

Entering into a distribution partnership is serious commitment. We are looking for dedicated network of passionate distributors who take pride in distributing our products. Our distributors’ full commitment to our brands is very important. Established distributors as well as entrepreneurs are welcome to become our distributors. You can build a profitable distribution business without expensive overhead, inventory or special plant/machinery.  

Our product catalogue is developed for our distribution partners with the purpose of providing an overview of brand, marketing and product materials and details.

We are looking for new distributors to support the sales of our products in all states of India & around the world. 

You can update your details in below mentioned Distributor Application format & send us an email to start the application process. We will contact you very soon. 
Data required for Distributor Application

  • Name :-
  • City & State :-
  • Company Details/Individual :-
  • Mobile Number :-
  • Email Address :-
  • Storage Facility :-
  • Vehicle Facility :-
  • Current list of products distributed & turnover :-
  • Investment Capacity :-

Let's build a partnership that works & profitable.

Email: WhatsApp +91 78 99 99 44 22 


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