Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables & Commodities

KTP International owns an excellent manufacturing facility & uses world class patented equipment to dehydrate food products using heat of sun. 

We use only renewable energy (Solar) to dehydrate food products. We do not use wood, electric power or natural gas to dehydrate products.

KTP International procures fresh vegetables, fruits & other commodity items directly from farmers & processes using indirect heating method. Food products are not exposed to direct sun light which stops any harmful effect of Ultra violet (UV) rays. Our solar dried/dehydrated products retain maximum nutrients, taste & color. Our products are processed in closed container which ensures that products are FREE of dust, water, smoke & insects.

Dehydrated Vegetables

Dehydrated Vegetables - Potato Flakes & Powder

Dehydrated Vegetables - Bitter gourd(Karela) 

Dehydrated Vegetables - Carrot Flakes

Dehydrated Vegetables - Spinach (Palak) Powder
Please note, This is NOT spray dried powder. You do not get this quality (color & nutrients) in spray drying technology.

Dehydrated Vegetables - Beetroot

Dehydrated Vegetables - Mushrooms

Dehydrated Vegetables - Tomato Flakes

Dehydrated Fruits

Dehydrated Fruit - Apple Flakes & Apple Slices

Dehydrated Fruit - Chikoo, Sapota, Sapodilla

Dehydrated Fruit - Kiwi Natural & Kiwi Processed

Dehydrated Fruit - Mango Natural & Mango Processed

Dehydrated Fruit - Orange

Dehydrated Fruit - Papaya Flakes

Dehydrated Fruit - Pineapple

Dehydrated Fruit - Strawberry

Dehydrated Fruit - Banana

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